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Proof of Life

As trackers, our number one goal is to locate your big game animal but we don't always succeed. Sometimes, we get stopped at posted property lines. Other times, the animals we are pursuing are not lethally wounded, as this "Proof of Life" Facebook post borrowed from our friends at Lampert's Hounds illustrates.

"Check out this proof of life I received for a track we did October 1st, 2022. These pictures are from trail cameras October 7-16, 2022.

- 40 lb draw weight - 650 grain arrow/broadhead weight - single bevel fixed blade - stand is 20' off the ground - 23 yd shot

Oscar tracked her 172 yards to a bed. She wasn’t there. Then Oscar was able to get us another 968 yards with confirmation of blood. We pulled the pin, believing it was non fatal.

This is one of those high shoulder shots we see a lot."



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