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MEET THE Trackers

Learn more about the folks that provide tracking services all across the state.


Juliet Flint

Stern Game Recovery

Bemidji, MN (218) 760-5671

My Dog(s): Stern is a 2 year old female German Shepherd.

About Me: This is our second season tracking, and we are raring to go. We will track deer and bear anywhere in northwestern Minnesota. UBT-1 Certified - Tips Accepted

Trenton Tuchtenhagen_edited.jpg

Trenton Tuchtenhagen

Rat Pack Trackers

New London, MN (320) 905-6368

My Dog(s): Lola: 2 year old Rat Terrier                       Luey: 1 year old Rat Terrier

About Me: This is my 2nd year tracking and I really enjoy seeing the smiles on the hunters faces when we find there deer!!


Shane Simpson

The Callie Chronicles

Ramsey County, MN

My Dog(s): Callie is my veteran tracking dog, a 6 year-old Bluetick Coonhound in her 6th season of tracking with 70+ deer recoveries. Jasper is my pup-in-training, a Boykin Spaniel with 4 deer recoveries thus far. Both Callie and Jasper are UBT-1 Certified

About Me: I will travel an hour or so from my home in White Bear Lake to track. I don't charge to track but will gladly accept tips.

Sheena Cabritit_edited.jpg

Sheena Cabritit

Bemidji, MN (218) 209-1443

My Dog(s): Remington is a 6 year old Belgian Malinois. This is His 3rd year tracking.

About Me: This is my 3rd year tracking with my dog. We have tracked Deer and Bear and have had success with both. Hoping to continue with more success. Rate: tips accepted


Nathan Rabideaux

Cooper’s Whitetail Recovery

Washington County, MN (612) 718-6530

My Dog(s): My dog Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (2.5) Cooper. Nate and Cooper first year tracking.

About Me: Providing tracking for the East metro and surrounding area. Tips accepted


Jamie Halverson

Big Dog Tracking And Game Recovery

Dakota County, MN (763) 528-5217

My Dog(s): Bubba 2.5 year old American Bulldog/APBT mix

About Me: Dakota County MN and surrounding areas, will travel up to approx an hour. 2022 will be Bubba’s first tracking season, and while we are a team in training, I began tracking in 2020 with a dog I had at that time. I’m looking forward to getting Bubba out on both confirmed kills for practice and live tracks this year! Tips accepted

Jaren Tschida_edited.jpg

Jaren Tschida

Stearns County, MN (320) 248-6067

My Dog(s): Ada

Ada is a 2 year old female black Lab.

About Me: I've been tracking for 2 years. I decided to get into tracking to learn more about deer in general and to benefit my personal hunting skill set.

Jake Schneider.jpg

Jake Schneider

Timber Ape Outdoors

Pine County, MN (651) 246-2300

My Dog(s): Luda: 6 year old Male Malinois

About Me: Been an obsessed bowhunter for over 22 years. Also, I’ve been a dog trainer for 17 years. Naturally both worlds came together with tracking and I’m very excited to see with the seasons ahead bring!

Andy Lampert.jpg

Andy Lampert

Lampert's Hounds

Morrison County, MN (320) 293-3909

My Dog(s): Oscar is a 3 year old Bloodhound crossed with a Redbone. This 2022 season will be his 3rd tracking season. Oscar tracks deer & bear.

About Me: I have been around coyote hounds for the last 15 years, with having my own hounds for the last 6 years. I have been fortunate to have learned a lot about hounds & how scent works in that time. Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning something new every track we take. Good luck this season!

Korey Friehl_edited.jpg

Korey Friehl

Ugly Dog Deer Tracking

Anoka County, MN (612) 803-6658

My Dog(s): Archie is my 2.5 yr old GWP

About Me: Call/text 24/7 Anoka and surrounding counties This will be Archie’s 3rd season and 2nd full season tracking. UBT-1 certified/Tips Accepted


LeAnna Klaphake

Fargo, ND (320) 267-6045

My Dog(s): Liam is a 3 year old super mutt

About Me: This will be my second season tracking with Liam. We had many tracks last year with several success stories. Liam and I both love tracking and the stories we get to tell about the fun we have doing it! Hoping for more tracks this year! Liam is UBT 1 certified


Jake Bohnsack

Swamp Donkey Big Game Recovery

Wright County, MN (612) 968-8377

My Dog(s): Fritz is a 1.5 year old Deutsch Drahthaar

About Me: Located in Buffalo, MN. Call or text 24/7 and I will make every effort to get back to you as soon as I can.  This will be my second-year tracking with Fritz, last year I went on 20 tracks and we both enjoyed every aspect of it.  I am an avid bowhunter and enjoy helping other hunters recover deer.  Fritz passed the HZP test this spring which includes wild game drags. Rates: Tips accepted.  Willing to travel depending on my schedule

David Little_edited.jpg

David Little

Little Bailey's Big Game Recovery

Washington County, MN (651) 724-3380

We're located in Woodbury, MN and will travel approximately 100 miles of Woodbury.

Rates: Tips accepted

Please call or text for aid in deer or bear recovery.

Jamie Adams_edited.jpg

Jamie Adams

Wright County, MN(320) 260-9958

My Dog(s): Trixie is a 1.5 year old pocket beagle.

About Me: This will be our second season tracking. Located in Annandale. MN. I'm an avid bow hunter with a love of watching dogs work.

Mark Puchalla 2_edited.jpg

Mark Puchalla

Stearns County, MN (320) 290-8073

My Dog(s): Donny 3yrs Old basset hound.

About Me: I live near St. Stephen MN. This will be our 3rd year tracking .Will travel further on weekends. Tips accepted

Ryan Timmerman_edited.jpg

Ryan Timmerman

Timmerman Tracking and Euro Mounts

St. Peter, MN (507) 381-7002

My Dog(s): Remi is a 2 year old chocolate lab with a year of experience. Boone is a 10 month old Bloodhound with a summer of training under his belt.

About Me: Will travel within 100 miles of St. Peter, MN. Tips accepted


Lisa Gargulak

Olmsted County, MN (507) 254-1374

My Dog(s): Tuukka is a 3 year old Gordon Setter

About Me: I live in Rochester and this is our second year tracking. I’d like to stay within an hour of home but will travel longer distances if time permits. UBT-1 certified/Tips accepted.

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